Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 4 with English Subtitles

Barbaros Hayreddin and Mia De Luna had been on a perilous mission to retrieve an important book that contained vital information for Aydın Reis’s recovery. However, they found themselves caught in a trap set by Duke Sforza, a cunning adversary.

The soldiers were closing in, and their chances of escape seemed slim. But Barbaros and Mia, with their quick thinking and resourcefulness, managed to distract their captors and make a break for it.

They fought their way out, using their wits and their weapons to fend off their attackers. They narrowly escaped with the book intact, and they made their way to Dervish father to deliver it to him.

Player 1:

Delivering the Book to Dervish Father

The book contained valuable information that Dervish father needed to create the medicine that would save Aydın Reis’s life. With the book in his hands, he set to work immediately.

It was a race against time, as Aydın Reis’s condition was rapidly deteriorating. But Dervish father was skilled and experienced, and he knew how to use the information in the book to create the medicine. He carefully followed the instructions, mixing the ingredients in precise quantities and administering the medicine to Aydın Reis.

The process was slow, but steady progress was made. Over time, Aydın Reis began to recover, much to the relief of his friends and allies.

Healing Aydın Reis with the Medicine

The medicine proved to be the key to Aydın Reis’s recovery. It contained rare and precious ingredients that had been carefully harvested and preserved over generations.

It was a testament to the wisdom and knowledge of those who had come before, and to the dedication and commitment of those who had worked tirelessly to preserve this legacy. The medicine was not only a physical cure for Aydın Reis’s illness, but also a symbol of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

Kemankeş Pasha and Halime Hatun’s Quest for Şukufe Hatun

Kemankeş Pasha had fallen in love with Şukufe Hatun, and he was determined to ask for her hand in marriage. Accompanied by his mother, Halime Hatun, he set out to make his proposal.

The journey was long and treacherous, with many obstacles to overcome. They faced fierce storms and dangerous terrain, but they persevered. They were determined to reach their destination, no matter what. Finally, after many long and difficult days, they arrived at Şukufe Hatun’s home.

Kemankeş Pasha made his proposal, and to his delight, she accepted. It was a joyous moment, and the couple was surrounded by family and friends as they celebrated their union.

The Warehouse Raids and the Arrest of the Two Brothers

While all this was happening, the city was in turmoil. The warehouses of Seyyare Hatun and Nazife Hatun had been raided, and gunpowder had spilled out of the barrels. Kemankeş Pasha was determined to find the culprits, and his investigation led him to two brothers who had been responsible for the crime.

The brothers were apprehended and brought to justice. They were punished for their wrongdoing, and the people of the city breathed a sigh of relief knowing that the perpetrators had been caught and punished.

King Charles V’s Arrival and the Kidnapping of the Prince

The tension in the city continued to escalate as news of King Charles V’s arrival spread. The people feared that the king and his army would bring war and destruction to their beloved city.

To make matters worse, word had spread that Barbaros Hayreddin had kidnapped the prince. The people were outraged and demanded action to be taken against the pirate.

Barbaros Hayreddin’s Offer to King Charles V

As King Charles V and his army arrived at the city gates, Barbaros Hayreddin made an unexpected offer. He would release the prince and surrender to the king, in exchange for a full pardon and the right to continue his piracy without interference.

The king was hesitant at first, but ultimately agreed to the deal. The prince was released and the pirate surrendered himself to the king’s mercy.

The Return of the Prince and the Restoration of Peace

With the prince returned safely to the city, the people rejoiced and celebrated. The threat of war and destruction had been averted, and peace was restored to the city once more.

Derviş Baba was able to complete the medicine and heal Aydın Reis, thanks to the book delivered by Barbaros Hayreddin and Mia De Luna. Kemankeş Pasha’s quest for Şukufe Hatun was successful, and preparations for the wedding began.

The city was once again filled with hope and joy, as the people looked forward to a brighter future ahead.

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