Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 8 with English Subtitles

The story begins with the arrest of Musa Bey, the imam of Granada, by the King of Spain, Charles V. The king has imprisoned Musa Bey on false charges, but it is revealed that his true intention is to drive the Muslims out of Granada.

In response to this, Sultan Süleyman assigns Barbaros Hayreddin to prevent the king’s plan and save Musa Bey from his trap. Meanwhile, Charlemagne sends Andrea Doria to Granada to implement his own scheme.

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Barbaros Hayreddin’s mission

Sultan Süleyman assigns Barbaros Hayreddin, a prominent Ottoman admiral, to prevent King Charles V from driving Muslims out of Granada. Barbaros Hayreddin is a seasoned commander with an excellent track record of defeating the enemy in naval battles.

He prepares his forces to confront Andrea Doria, who is sent by Charlemagne to Granada to implement his own plan. Barbaros Hayreddin is determined to save Musa Bey from imprisonment and foil the king’s plans.

Andrea Doria’s arrival in Granada

Charlemagne sends Andrea Doria, a Genoese admiral, to Granada with a secret mission to assist King Charles V in driving the Muslims out of the city.

Andrea Doria is a seasoned commander who has fought many battles and won many victories for the Genoese navy. He arrives in Granada with a small fleet and meets with the king’s forces to plan their next move.

Barbaros Hayreddin and Andrea Doria face each other in Granada

Barbaros Hayreddin and Andrea Doria finally face each other in Granada. The two commanders are determined to achieve their respective goals, and their forces engage in a fierce naval battle.

Barbaros Hayreddin’s superior tactics and experience help him gain the upper hand, and Andrea Doria is forced to retreat.

Heraklion’s struggle for survival

Heraklion, who was attacked by the Pope in the palace of King Charles V, is fighting for his life. He was attacked because of his close relationship with the Muslims in Granada, and the Pope sees him as a threat to Christianity. Heraklion’s condition is critical, and it is uncertain whether he will survive.

Hatice Hanım and Yahya’s investigation

Hatice Hanım and Yahya investigate to find out who the slanderer is in order to get Seyyare and Nazife out of jail. They believe that the slanderer is someone who has a personal vendetta against the two women.

Hatice Hanım and Yahya gather evidence and interview witnesses to solve the case and bring the perpetrator to justice.

Kemankeş Pasha’s efforts to prove Seyyare’s innocence

Kemankeş Pasha, a high-ranking Ottoman official, is trying to prove that Seyyare is innocent. He believes that Seyyare was falsely accused and is determined to prove her innocence.

Kemankeş Pasha investigates the case and gathers evidence to clear Seyyare’s name. He faces many challenges, but he is determined to see justice served.


The story revolves around the conflict between the Ottoman Empire and the Christian powers in Europe. It shows how different characters are involved in this conflict, each with their own motives and objectives.

The story also highlights the challenges faced by the Muslim community in Granada and their struggle to defend their rights and interests.

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