Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 9 with English Subtitles

Barbaros Hayreddin and Aydın Reis receive a mission from Sultan Süleyman to save Musa Bey from the false charges made against him by King Charles V of Spain.

They suspect that the real motive behind the arrest is to drive Muslims out of Granada. Therefore, they plan to not only save Musa Bey but also punish Ebu Hisham, the man behind the false accusations.

However, Andrea Doria, who has been sent by Charlemagne, sets a trap for them.

Player 1:

The Unexpected Help that Saves Barbaros Hayreddin and Aydın Reis

Barbaros Hayreddin and Aydın Reis fall into Andrea Doria’s trap, but they receive unexpected help from an unexpected source. With this help, they manage to avoid the trap and now prepare to install their game.

The game plan is crucial in not only saving Musa Bey but also ensuring that the Muslims of Granada are not forced out. The success of their mission will determine the fate of not only Musa Bey but also the Muslim community in Granada.

Seyyare and Nazife’s Escape from Mapus

Seyyare and Nazife escape from Mapus, but they know that they are not safe yet. They must find Cafer and the people behind him who set a trap for them, with Yahya’s help.

They need to solve the plot before they are caught. It is a race against time as their enemies are closing in, and their lives are at stake. Will they be able to find the traces of their enemies and clear their names before it’s too late?

The Struggle for Life and Death

The success of the mission to save Musa Bey and prevent the expulsion of Muslims from Granada becomes a struggle between life and death for our heroes.

They face several challenges and obstacles that threaten their lives, but they remain determined to complete their mission. The fate of Musa Bey, the Muslim community of Granada, and the reputation of our heroes are all at stake.


In conclusion, the rescue mission undertaken by Barbaros Hayreddin and Aydın Reis is not only a matter of saving Musa Bey but also a crucial task in preventing the expulsion of Muslims from Granada. Seyyare and Nazife’s quest to clear their names adds another layer of suspense to the plot.

The struggle between our heroes and their enemies will determine the fate of many lives and the course of history.

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